Our Inspiration - Nicole Mackintosh

Nicole Mackintosh

We run and walk in honor of our hero, Nicole Mackintosh. Nicole, a second grade student at The Lincoln School in Providence, was diagnosed with DIPG on January 14, 2010. While she was seated on her Mom’s lap, the doctor explained that she had about 8-12 months to live. Nicole knew what she was up against, but continually planned for the future and lived each day to its fullest. She even fed animals at the zoo the day before she died. Thanks to our doctors’ willingness to try an unconventional treatment, Nicole surpassed the typical 9 months that her disease usually lasts. She fought a courageous battle for 19.5 months. We were so happy to have those extra months and hope our fundraising efforts will fund research that will buy many more years for children diagnosed in the future.

To learn more aboout Nicole's story visit our website HERE.